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Interior Design and Furniture



November 2020

The word Prasanta in Sanskrit stands for calm and peaceful and this residence in Bangalore is exactly that. The use of soothing hues of blues and greens set against pearly shades of white is balanced by the warm wood tones and natural rattan and fabric.

With minimal structural interventions and no changes in any of the flooring, major design elements were brought in through furniture, wall treatments, creative lighting and art and rugs. The flat being a 5 year plan for the family was designed in a well thought budget and elements which they can move along with them while shifting out.

The living room dons a stepped skinny show rack which houses the various travel collectibles they own. The tiny bird sculptures that are seen through different spaces of the house are at least 30 years old and have been with the family for all that while. Keeping the plan as open as possible, we have pushed the dining table to the balcony corner. The dining bench with the wall mounted back anchors the set up.

The blue kitchen was perhaps the starting point for the colour palette of the residence and open ledges near the cooktop lends a lightness to the space. With no separate utility the washing and dryer units were also designed to fit into this space. From a hidden broom cabinet to vegetable baskets, this kitchen packs all the functional aspects.

The master bedroom sees a blend of colours and textures bringing in some playful elements. The white wall to wall wardrobe is juxtaposed with the rattan airing closet at the end with recessed space underneath for the laundry basket. While aesthetics played a big role in the design, functionality is what really took centre stage for this residence. From a reading chair to a wall hung book rack this room has it all.

Keeping in mind that the couple works from home on a daily basis the third bedroom was converted into an office room. Pine wood ledge and subtle blue wall paper from Nilaya Collection adorned with the multiple plants and terracotta artefacts brings a tropical feel to this very welcoming office space. The day bed which converts into a guest bed in this space is Kuttu’s (their dog’s) favourite place to nap while they worked.