The Design-Craft Affair

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What is the Design-Craft Affair?

The Design-Craft Affair is an initiative for collaboration by Aanai Design Studio. DCA aims to provide an opportunity for aspiring designers to step into the craft stage from design ideation and conceptualisation.


As a team of young design enthusiasts at Aanai, we understand the challenges and hurdles that designers face in the initial stages of their design journey. Scouting for the right team of carpenters, material sourcing, coordination with different teams etc. can be a time-consuming and rather tiring experience.


DCA is our very first step to address this, where one designer gets their design hand-crafted at the Aanai Workspace with consultation from the in-house team and seasoned industry experts.

Who can apply?

Any aspiring furniture designer/ interior designer/ architect/ product designer/ design student who has been practising design for 3 years or lesser may apply. 

Do I have to pay to get my design crafted?

Absolutely not! 

What products can I design?

We are currently considering only single seater loungers/ chairs and occasional tables

Can I send in multiple designs?

Yes, multiple designs can be entered but should be sent in separately. Designs can be shared in the following forms:

1. One single seater lounger/ chair design

2. One occasional table design

3. A set of complementary single seater lounger/ chair and occasional table design

What materials can I consider in my designs?

Wood, fabric, rattan & plywood can be considered in your designs. Usage of other materials, would unfortunately not be considered.

How many design entries would be crafted?

While we do not want to view this as a competition, unfortunately due to operational constraints, we would be able to craft only one single seater lounger/ chair design and one occasional table design. 

Who selects the final design that would be crafted?

The team at Aanai would be shortlisting and selecting designs along with seasoned industry experts. Further details shall be updated on our Social Media handles. Follow us and stay tuned.

As a designer, would I get rights over the designs I would be sending in or would it be part of the Aanai portfolio?

All designs sent in as an entry to DCA shall be credited to the designer and does not go in to the Aanai portfolio. If Aanai would want to use these designs, all due credit and royalties shall be made to the designer.

The entrant whose designs would be crafted would be given all design credits and the furniture made would be the designer's property. If Aanai wishes to replicate the design for their clientele, the designer shall be given credit and royalty.

How do I send in my designs?

Send in your designs as a 5 page PDF doc to with the below relevant subject lines:

DCA_Chair_Your Name

DCA_Table_Your Name

DCA_Set_Your Name

(File size limit - 5 MB)

All entrants shall be contacted by one of our team members, don't forget to share your phone numbers!

What do I do after I send in my designs?

Post your designs on your Instagram and Facebook profile and tag us along with the following hashtag #AanaiDCA

Get your friends and family to like and share your designs as well, the audience favourites also play a role in the shortlisting process!

When is the last date to send in my designs?

Due to the nationwide lockdown, we have kept the submission stage open indefinitely. Once the lockdown is lifted, the last date would be announced.