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Interior Design and Furniture


December 2021

A 1750 sft house in South Bangalore is home to a family of a young couple, their young son, father and 2 dogs. The apartment is located on the ground floor and overlooks the expansive gardens outside.

The earthy colour palette in the living room is driven by the tropical greens outside. Set against a soft egg shell white walls, the wood and rattan furniture exudes a warmth that ties the space together. The compact TV unit takes care of all the storage requirements of the living area. The brass handles are sourced from Studio Made Chennai and weaves a story with the other brass accents used in the home.

The Claymen wall sculptures bring the right amount of whimsy and minimalism to the long sofa wall. The South Indian classicism which is so close to the home owners heart is brought forth with elements like the wooden chest and tiny bells on the Pooja unit. Every piece of furniture in designed carefully to not just work aesthetically into the space, but also to function well.

The Brass detailing is carried forward into the dining table legs as well. The multiple brass ornaments around the home have been collected by the home owner over years and some of them handed down through generations making the space personal and meaningful to them. The artwork and frames around the house also have been collected over time. The


single painting of Shankaracharya in the dining was commissioned to a local artist specially for the space. The lush greens and earthy tones are extended into the painting as well the pendant we picked up from Olie Living and Lighting.

The colour palette in the kitchen departs from the earthy tones to bring about a pop in colour. However the dado tiles have a rustic character which blends well with the various terracotta elements in the kitchen.

The master bedroom has a neutral colour scheme accommodating the need to play around with different decor when needed. The subtle wall paper juxtaposed with a mid century modern piece of lighting and family photos makes the room welcoming and personal.